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Won't pay glazer or work for sky,
We still sing city's gonna die,
2 united's but the soul is 1,
As the busby babes carry on I am an FC fan,
I am mancunian,
I know what I want,
And I know how to get it,
I wanna destroy Glazer and Sky,
Cos I wanna be at FC This badge is Your badge,
This badge is Mine badge,
Three stripes and three sails,
Oh what a fine badge,
They tried to take it,
But we replaced it,
On the shirt of United FC I don't care about Rio,
He don't care about me,
All I care about,
Is watching FC When FC United go out to play na na, na na,
When FC United go out to play na na, na na,
When FC United go out to play it's 3 o'clock on a Saturday,
We don't work for SkySports anymore! So come on cheer the boys,
FC make some noise,
We go wild wild wild,
We go wild wild wild So hoist up the John B sail,
See how the mainsail sets,
Call for the captain ashore,
Let me go home, let me go home,
I wanna go home, I wanna go hooo-oo-ome,
This is the worst trip I've ever been on,
Doo doo doo dooo We love you, we love you, we love you,
And when you play we follow, we follow, we follow,
And we support united, United, United,
And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it,
Whoahhhh Ohohhhh Ohohhhhh!, Whoahhhh Ohohhhh Ohohhhhh! I met my love by the gas works wall,
Dreamed my dream by the old canal,
I kissed my girl by the factory wall,
Dirty old town, dirty old town,
This is our club belongs to you and me,
We're United, United FC,
We may never go up, but we'll never feel down,
Now we build our own ground,
Now we build our own ground Glazer where ever you may be,
You bought Old Trafford but you cant buy me,
I signed not for sale and i meant just that,
You cant buy me you greedy twat! Have a very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year,
We're FC United,
We're still fucking here! My eyes have seen the glory and my heart has felt the pain,
While Glazers at Old Trafford i will never go again,
We've taken all the passion and we're singing at Gigg Lane,
As the reds go marching on on on!
Glory Glory FC United...
I am a Busby boy and that is all i'll ever be,
Until some greedy bastard took my club away from me,
We've taken all the passion and we're following FC,
As the reds go marching on on on!
Glory Glory FC United... We're having a party when Glazer dies,
Jelly and ice cream when Glazer dies,
Pass The Parcel when Glazer dies,
Strippers and whores when Glazer dies,
Tail On The Donkey when Glazer dies,
Musical Chairs when Glazer dies,
Cheese and pineaple when Glazer dies His name is Malcolm Glazer, he thinks he's rather flash,
He tried to buy a football team but didn't have the cash,
He borrowed lots of money, he made the fans distraught,
But we're FC United and we won't be fuckin bought... This is how it feels to be FC,
This is how it feels to be home,
This is how it feels when you don't sell your arse to a gnome,
Arse to a gnome...
Arse to a gnome... Woke up this morning feeling fine,
Got punk football on my mind,
We play football the way, the way that we should,
Oh yeah,
Something tells me I'm into something good. I'm on top of the world,
Looking down on creation,
And the only explanation I can find,
Is the love that I've found,
Ever since you've been around,
Your love's put me on the top of the world We're FC yeah,
We made a new start,
We're off to the Conference maybe...
We're FC yeah,
No Glazer desease,
Now all that we need is our home,
To go home Consider yourself FC,
Consider yourself,
One of the family,
And if we lose,
We don't care,
Cos we'll still follow you everywhere Ohh Fergie said... go and watch Chelsea,
Are you having a laugh... I'll be watching FC,
And Fergie said... who the fucks Margy?
Are you havin' a laugh... he's goin' up with FC! Under the boardwalk, watching FC,
There'll be no Knobheads in jester hats on Sky TV,
Under the boardwalk, we'll be watching FC...
Under the boardwalk, boardwalk We are the famous FC Tunnel,
We are what you all come to see,
Don't go left or right,
The mainstands fuckin' shite,
They're all just Tunnel wannabe's He's big, and he's Chaddy, and he's 31,
He's big, and he's Chaddy, and he's 31,
Everyone needs a nutter in the middle,
Everyone needs a nutter He's Jerome United's own,
Used to play for Main Road,
But he's too good to be a bitter,
He's Jerome United’s own The man with no name,
The man with no name,
How the fucks he get a game,
The man with no name,
Sent off as a sub,
Sent off as a sub,
Rory Patterson,
Sent off as a a sub,
He kicks off and scores,
He kicks of and scores,
Rory Patterson,
He kicks off and scores,
He just kicks off,
He just kicks off,
Rory Patterson,
He just kicks off,
He stands on the ball,
He stands on the ball,
Rory Patterson,
He stands on the ball Hey Hey, He's Our Tunji,
He's always fuckin banned,
His dads a red legend,
Known all over the land He's Michael Norton,
He's not from Gorton,
He plays for FC, as number nine,
We all adore him,
He's always scoring,
And you can buy his new t-shirt online Lip up Matty, ah lip up Matty, Matty Tierney
Lip up Matty, ah lip up Matty, Matty Tierney,
He'll be in the middle, shuffling his feet,
Playing to the rhythm of the FC beat
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